Covered Face Detection
Switch on feature and adjust the detection zone in settings. The Pixsee App will send an alert notification to parents should the following situations occur:
1. When the baby's face might be covered, moved beyond the range of the detection camera or when not enough facial features can be recognized.
2. When the baby has left the detection area or is not visibly seen, the system will determine that the baby's body might be fully covered and send an alert notification.

Feature Recommendation by Age and Setup Suggestion:
*Covered Face Detection is designed to detect one baby at a time, and is intended for infants 0-6 months old with limited movements. (Infants between 7-12 months old who have learned to roll onto their stomachs may result in inaccurate detections).
*Pixsee is most effective when used in conjunction with its "5-in-1 camera stand", where it is placed next to and directly above the crib with the camera pointing down at the baby's entire coverage area.
*Make sure to define baby's entire safe zone for unrestricted movement prior to using this feature, then angle the camera at a perpendicular so it has a full view of the entire crib area for best detection.

Friendly reminder:
*Please ensure network connection is stable. Should connection fail or be unstable, the feature on Pixsee may result in inaccurate detections.
*Please ensure network speed and Wi-Fi on your mobile device and pixsee are stable. Alert notification and time of receipt may otherwise be affected.
*An error in detection may be resulted when baby engages in crawling or rolling to sleep on the stomach.
*Co-sleeping with the baby is strongly advised against at and may result in inaccurate detections.
*Do not place hanging toys over crib or directly below camera (e.g. crib mobiles) as it may result in inaccurate detections.
*Avoid placing any item that may entrap the baby or cover the baby's face in the crib. Items like pillows, loose beddings, comforters, plush dolls, toys or any other items inside the crib may also result in inaccurate detections.
*pixsee offers this feature as a monitoring aid and cannot replace the functions and responsibilities of adult supervision.
*pixsee is not a medical device to diagnose, treat or prevent any conditions, including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Parents and guardians must stay mindful and alert to care for the baby according to actual conditions.
[How to Set Up]
last updated: 2024/03/01
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