Use 3rd party account to login or sign-up to Pixsee app
The Pixsee App is available to sign-up or login with an Apple ID or WeChat account.
[How to sign-up]
1. Choose the 3rd party account you would like to use and accept the terms to continue.
2.Enter your email address. pixsee will use this email to notify you of any important messages.
[How to login]
1. If you used a 3rd party account to sign-up to pixsee App, select the 3rd party account you used to sign-in.
2. If you used an email address to sign-up to pixsee App, please turn on the 3rd party account binding feature through pixsee App's "user profile" page. Permission needs to be granted the first time.
last updated: 2024/07/18
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