What happens when Pixsee Planet subscription expires?
When your subscription expires due to either reaching its expiration date or canceling it, several things happen:
1. Your subscription will be reverted to Standard plan.
2. Before canceling subscription or reaching the subscription expiration date, we recommend backing up your data as your cloud storage capacity will be adjusted from 30GB to 1GB.
3. Any photos downloaded from the App will be automatically added with a watermark.
4. Themed Story will be reverted to β€œview only” mode, meaning options for sharing, saving and editing will be disabled.
5. Time-Lapse Video feature will be discontinued. This means no videos will be generated. (Pixsee Play Only)
6. Only the Themed Frames - Festive Series will be available, which covers 16 holidays and birthdays over a span of 36 months. Please note that any photos you download will automatically include a watermark.
7. Multiple User Support feature allows you to invite two more family member to help looking after your baby.
last updated: 2024/05/29
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