How to adjust Covered Face Detection sensitivity?
Suggested sensitivity level for 0-5 months : M (medium sensitivity) or H (high sensitivity)
Suggested sensitivity level for 6-7 months : L (low sensitivity)

*Tip: If the baby is accustomed to sleeping on their side, it is recommended to adjust the sensitivity level to medium or low to accommodate the baby's sleeping positions. However, if the baby's facial angle and features are not distinct enough for recognition, the system may still send a notification.

Friendly reminder:

*Please ensure the Pixsee network connection is stable. Should the connection fail or be unstable, the features on Pixsee may result in inaccurate detections.
*Please ensure network speed and Wi-Fi on your mobile device and pixsee are stable. Alert notification and time of receipt may otherwise be affected.
*An error in detection may result when the baby engages in crawling, prone sleeping, or side sleeping.
*It is recommended to not activate this feature while co-sleeping with the baby to avoid system misjudgments.
*Do not place hanging toys over a crib or directly below camera (e.g. crib mobiles) as it may result in inaccurate detections.
*Avoid placing any item that may entrap the baby or cover the baby's face in the crib. Items like pillows, loose beddings, comforters, plush dolls, toys or any other items inside the crib may also result in inaccurate detections.
*Pixsee offers this feature as supplementary support only and cannot replace any parenting or childcare products or their intended uses.
*This feature should not be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any diseases, including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
*Parents or caregivers should care for the baby based on the current situation and be attentive to the baby's condition at all times.
last updated: 2024/03/02
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