How do I update my device version?
System is set up to verify your device version every day at 12:00 am midnight. If a new version is available, the device will be updated automatically.

*Friendly reminder:
Device version may fail to update if network connection is unstable or busy from updating too many devices at once. If update is unsuccessful, rest assured system will try again the next day at midnight. Please ensure pixsee is on and connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection overnight when updating.

Parents can also update device version manually. Pixsee App will notify parents, when there's an update available.

[How to update device version manually]
Tap"pixsee settings" β†’ "pixsee profile" β†’ "check" β†’ "update"

β€»Friendly reminder:
The update takes about 5-10 minutes, and pixsee will be temporarily unavailable during the process, please pay more attention to your baby's safety. Some delays may be experienced as a result of your internet speed, please ensure your pixsee is on and connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection when the device or app is being updating updated.
last updated: 2024/05/29
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