Difficulty scanning QR code
If the QR code is not responding, cannot be recognized and/or a "QR code not recognized" alert is played, please verify the following status:

1.During the binding process, please check to see if pixsee emits an orange blinking light. (if user doesn’t see an orange blinking light on pixsee device,press and hold the +/- volume buttons until an orange light flashes to reset.)
2.When resetting Wi-Fi,please make sure pixsee emits a blue flashing light. (Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on pixsee until a blue light flashes)
3.Increase the screen brightness of the phone to create more contrast for the QR code to be scanned.

If the above has been verified, please adjust pixsee, so its camera is directly facing and parallel to the QR code on the phone’s screen to avoid having glares in between. Allow a 15-25cm gap between the pixsee camera and the QR code on the mobile device when scanning, and adjust distance to focus camera accordingly. Β 

If you are still having trouble with QR code scanning, please continue with the steps below:
1.Close background pixsee app and relaunch it.
2.Unplug pixsee and plug it back in again,then try again.

If you are still having trouble with QR code scanning after trying all the above methods, please contact pixsee helper for further assistance.
last updated: 2024/05/27
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