Shennona Scores at 2023 CES Innovation Award
Meet Pixsee Play and its cuddly companions Pixsee Friends, the world’s first AI-linked stuffed toys for babies.
Taipei, Taiwan (December 29, 2022) – After stepping into the high-tech parenting consumer-goods market in Taiwan and the United States, the brand β€œPixsee”, developed by Shennona and handcrafted by Compal Group, will introduce in 2023 the concept of β€œPixsee Play & Pixsee Friends – first AI smart baby camera linked to companion toys”. This concept has been selected as a 2023 Innovation Award Honoree by CES, the world's largest consumer-electronics exhibition, as the winner of the smart-home category, and will be included in the exhibition Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) from January 5 to 8. The award-winning series of products is planned to be launched in the North American market in the second quarter of 2023.
β€œPixsee Play & Pixsee Friends – first AI smart baby camera linked to companion toys”, the new breed products stand out at CES
Pixsee's first product, β€œPixsee AI Smart Baby Camera”, was created by the iF Gold Award design team and transformed traditional baby monitors into an innovative and stylish AI smart-nanny. Pixsee does not fall under existing product categories in the current by market, which is why CES judges highlighted the product line’s ingenuity, fun, and imagination, as well as Pixsee’s daily subscription content-services for the their new product β€œPixsee Play & Pixsee Friends”. These toys may accompany infants and young children as they grow up, leaving beautiful snapshots for the family.
Technology makes life easier; childhood memories last forever
Pixsee Play continues to elaborate the features of the AI smart baby-camera that captures precious moments. In addition to the three magical functions - AI Smart Crying-Decorder, Smart Capture, and Smart Music Box, Pixsee Play is manufactured in Taiwan with high-quality standards, the hardware encryption chip and the support of Microsoft Azure commercial-grade cloud data-protection to ensure the safety of the entire family's private information.

Moreover, a Voice Assistant function increases convenience for parents. . The three AI-linked stuffed toys from Pixsee Friends are the stars of the playset. By designating each stuffed toy’s personality traits, different musical personalities are created and multiple sets of playlists are carefully selected by early-childhood music-experts. Then, through Object Recognition, Pixsee Play can identify each stuffed toy to share a character trait and play a special set of these songs chosen. As such Pixsee Play & Pixsee Friends assist parents as much as it does their children in creating memorable experiences for the modern family.
Grow happily with children with the concept of sustainability
β€œAs a game changer, we’re honored to be recognized by the CES panel and look forward to highlighting the many rewarding features included in our new-breed products, Pixsee Play and Pixsee Friends,” said Tony Bonadero, the Business Head of Pixsee. β€œWhen parents can’t be around, our award-winning products are the best baby’s companions. Pixsee Play is a next-level baby monitor that not only looks out for children’s safety but also creates and captures beautiful moments. It works together in a magical way with Pixsee Friends to develop a stimulating environment that builds character, offering the best for one’s child.”
【About Pixsee / Shennona Co. Ltd】
SHENNONA CO. LTD is a medical group, subsidiary of Compal Electronics, Inc., a world-class original design manufacturer that oversees the innovation, research development and production of all aspects of computing. The group operates the lifestyle brand Pixsee and is focused on the innovation of IoMT solutions and the sustainable operation of public-health projects in Taiwan, home to one of the best healthcare systems in the world. In partnership with municipal governments, health and medical institutions, SHENNONA strives to improve health infrastructure for everyone through smart automation and Information Technology that extends this reach into the global smart-home sector.
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